Belly Pouch? Blood Pressure High? Heart Scare? 

 It's not your fault.


You just need to learn how to be the boss of your body with accurate health information.

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I never make any medical claims. 


I teach busy entrepreneurs like you how to drop weight permanently and how to simply protect your blood vessels so that heart disease & midlife symptoms don't exist.

I do it all with my proven formula and "the secret sauce" which is consistency, support and Q and A with me.


After years in school, turning around my health and helping private clients around the world I've got a way to help you too. It's a proven, science- based system. It's safe. It works.

And, It's easier than you think.


My private clients get this invaluable info and they also have access to me to ask questions and now you can too.


It's all in a secret membership group in Facebook called

"Be The Boss Of Your Body."

You're thinking private membership to learn how to back down heart disease and drop weight for good plus weekly support from you... Geez, that sounds expensive. Is it? No.

And, you're wondering is it hard?

Do I have to be a vegan?

Do I have to give up chocolate?

Do I have to shop in specialty stores?

Do I have to train like crazy?

Do I have to be in a contract?

Do I have to count calories?

Nope to all the above.

And, you're going to love it.


I know you will because I asked my private clients for years what else they'd want from me and how to set this up.


Hi I'm, Lana Kontos, I'm a naturopathic doctor (doctor of natural health.) My years of rare training in diet and lifestyle intervention with some of the foremost medical doctors and research scientists in the world are humbly what makes me different and why I get results.


  • Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor

  • Trained & Certified Diet and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner

  • Founder Be The Boss of Your Body 

  • Heart Health / Weight Loss

  • Get to know me a little better...


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If you want results that last you need support. 

That's just what you get in "Be The Boss of Your Body."

And, you don't have to be perfect. I'm not that's for sure.


You're smart, it's time and there's nothing out there like it.


You've got a successful life, but you've got some things you want help with it.


You don't want to be on a diet. You don't want hype.

You want bottom lined. I respect that, I'm the same.


And you want to know what to do if you're traveling, eating out or you have a really busy life. 


You're in the right place. 


Straight Talk and Accurate Health Info on Heart Health and Safe Permanent Weight Loss.


You´ll discover what less than 1% of the populations knows about and appreciate the  weekly Virtual "Office Hours." You can post ?s each Wednesday am; I answer whether you're there or not. You're busy. Join us, stay, it works.


Be vibrant, 


"You can exist in mediocrity or live in extraordinary."  LK


Get to know me a little better...

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Face book Business Page: Dr. Lana Kontos

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